April 14, 2009

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Is it not time-to launch a full fledge media blitz to inform citizens that the actual modus operandi of open borders Democrats is to circumvent our Democracy by adding a block of 20 million +, new government dependant voters and an additional 15 million person voter block , made up of the extended family members of the first group. Our Country’s disingenuous Politicians could care less about the lives of illegal aliens or American Citizens. They simply want to secure power and change America to a one party state. It is clear that the open borders people avidly and intentionally avoid facts because they know all evidence purports illegal immigration representing a parasitic drag on every measurable level of society. We must wake the ignorant hoi-polloi and call it like it is.

In the real world, resources are limited. The government can not just print money; it needs to usurp it from the economy and citizens of our Nation. Every dollar spent to improve the life of an illegal alien, is money which would have been spent to improve the lives of disadvantaged American Citizens. I wish I were given the opportunity to publicly call out each and everyone of our Country’s liberal black representatives in Congress and the Senate- to show how irrefutably damaging their continuous support of illegal alien causes is to the American minority citizen voters who they have sworn to serve. I believe that spending billions of dollars of our tax money to enhance the lives of law breaking, foreign nationals, represents the greatest travesty perpetrated against unknowing citizens in the last one hundred years.

In fact, this may denote the key to our success in turning around this whole outrageous situation. Most black Americans have nationalist instincts and I believe would rally against accommodating illegal aliens with our Nation’s tax dollars– if they knew that this support was coming at their expense! No one on either side of the argument ever addresses this logic. Instead, we have obnoxiously Politically Correct liberals, ranting it is racist to oppose spending our money for illegal alien: healthcare, childbirth, or any other service which is available to our citizenry. They cast the illegal immigrant trespassers as representing victims; we need to put into the spotlight the real victims– America Minorities whose Country’s has abandoned them in favor or foreign nationals.

We need to turn the focus around and have our own America underprivileged minorities proclaim, “If not for money spent on foreign nationals, they would have received more job training, more assistance in their career search, more services and more job opportunities, which are now getting filled by illegal aliens- who will often work for substandard wages, while US tax dollars pay for their food, medical care and housing.” Given the outrageously hypocritical, bias forces in our nation who are pushing for Amnesty, this is our best solution! This will force Black liberal Democrat Politicians to reverse course or get voted out! My aforementioned strategy is also an easy sell and the only one which will result in members of the opposition changing their positions on this issue. Urgency is the key and action must be put in motions as soon as is heavenly possible. Every year we rally together for a new battle, while through attrition the amnesty people chip away and make gains. Then they slip into darkness to begin plotting their next assault on our culture. Up to now, nothing else has worked to break the status quo and to dislodge the senseless, ignoramus open boarder lobby from advocating their positions, yet this strategy has the potential of putting them on the defensive! I can remember the arguments during the Reagan administration when liberals and many Republicans, pushed through what was to be the final bill, putting the issue to rest. History has proven unequivocally that they were wrong. We must continue doing as we are but also launch a subsidiary strategy aim at putting an end to the issue without compromising one iota. At no other time in history, has an elected government consistently and continuously supported a national policy platform directly at odds with the welfare of its citizenry, as has been the case for past fifty years concerning this issue.


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April 14, 2009

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